Extend Transient Model Capabilities

Due to the dynamic nature of a pipeline system, it is imperative that a well designed transient simulator is fast, efficient, and stable. Not only do operators need to look at immediate conditions, they must also have the capability to look into the future at various times. Users have the opportunity to evaluate and refine which course of action to implement from all alternatives. WinTran is successful in meeting this need by realistically capturing the true changing nature of pipeline systems. Operational studies, system design, and training in a modeling environment can be performed by the operator while being safe and accurate.

WinTran is a direct outgrowth of Gregg Engineering’s steady state simulation tool, WinFlow. As operators and engineers, you can now extend into the realm of transient modeling in both a Predictive and Real Time environment.  This Transient State Predictive Module evaluates the time varying pressure-flow relationship for any piping network. WinTran is capable of simulating simple and complex network systems that have either smooth or severe transients. This module will not only allow accountability for a multitude of transient conditions, but perform the analysis with the state of the art run engine in a matter of seconds.

The interface was designed with the characteristics of flexibility, intuitiveness and user friendliness on our mind. The simulation process can be controlled interactively through the use of various menus, editors, and displays. Results can also be graphically viewed from one of the many built in graphic routines or from the built in Display Text window, all while the module is executing. WinTran also operates much like a common media player during the simulation for simplicity.

WinTran contains a multitude of pre-defined output reports for displaying and printing data in text format. These included Node reports, Leg reports, Pipe reports, Compressor reports, and so on. In addition, the program contains a feature which lets the user build custom output reports. These user defined output report formats are stored and can be selected from a list box.


  • Utilizes the steady state model used in WinFlow
  • Supports Offline Predictive and Online Simulation modes
  • Provides fully graphical and interactive run modes
  • Provides both a main map and multiple child maps simultaneously
  • Supports color coding of model data and user definable texts
  • Contains media style controls (Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Pause, Erase, etc)
  • Detailed Station Calculations and Fuel Optimization capabilities
  • Possesses the ability to define both trend (time plot) and profile (space plot)
  • Provides an easy to use schedule editor
  • Supports the import and export of ASCII data
  • Interactive Run Mode
  • Concept of a Tape or Recording Session
  • Automatic addition and deletion of knots as run progresses
  • Yellow/Red Alert light and siren to warn of possible constraint violations
  • Built-in visual basic interpreter to execute user logic


  • Examination of time-dependent phenomena
  • Studies of System Response to Equipment Failure
  • Analysis of Alternative Operating Strategies
  • Evaluation of Costs of Alternative Modes of Operation
  • Offline Predictive Analysis
  • Efficient Operation and Design of Network Systems
  • Perform Survival Time Analysis
  • Minimize Compressor Fuel Usage
  • Maximize Line-Pack Utilization
  • Blow-Down Calculations
  • Gas Lost Calculations
  • Impact of opening or closing valves
  • Training of System Controllers and Engineers

WinTran is versatile and sophisticated. You will be able to determine how any given pipeline system will react due to changes over time for a variation of different variables. These variables can range anywhere from Pressure and Flow Rates, to Gas Composition and Heating Valves. WinTran will meet your analysis and simulation needs for dynamic pipeline systems.

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