The Timeline is a simple but powerful tool to easily manage, view, and navigate transient simulations. With straightforward configuration and customization, the timeline can:

  • Visually track warnings, errors, overrides, and user-defined alarms across simulation snapshots
  • Automatically halt a simulation on a specified condition or time.
  • Quickly navigate between snapshots.

Visually Track Alarms

NextGen automatically keeps track of simulation warnings, errors, leaks, overrides, and user-defined alarms. Each of these may be independently displayed on the timeline, giving a quick and succinct way to monitor a simulation; is that warning a small outlier blip, or a sign of escalating problems in the pipeline? Simply watching the frequency and duration of warnings will answer that question.

Halting Simulations

Certain conditions, if violated, should immediately halt a simulation for review. With a simple click, the timeline can be set up to halt a simulation on a warning, error, override, and/or user-defined alarm, as well as signal the user the issue.

As well, the simulation can be manually controlled by placing “breakpoints” at specified times, which will halt both simulations and playback at the specified points.

Controlling Playback Speed

With a simple click, playback speed of the transient simulation can be controlled: whether you want to view 30-minute intervals or every calculated time step, simply select the option and let the simulation play.

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