The production rate of both Gas and Oil Well facilities decrease over time as their deposits are depleted. Industry standard is to model these decline curves with either the ARPS or PLE decline curves, so that the future production rate can be easily predicted.

The stand-alone Well Analysis Model filters and processes well field data and produces ARPS and/or PLE equation coefficients that may be used natively with NextGen or exported for external use, instantaneously filtering and fitting the field data to the decline curves—as well as reporting the statistical fit of such curves, both numerically and graphically.

Well Decline Analysis

Start Time Analysis

In its lifetime, a well may be restarted, altering the predicted decline curve. For example, a gas well may be taken offline and re-fracked. The Well Module is equipped with statistical analysis to easily find and snap to restart times, making sure only relevant data is used.

Native NextGen Application

The Well Module is integrated with NextGen, allowing quick and easy use of the decline equations in simulations. As a facility, Wells may define the InFlow of locations, updating the flow rate in response to time changes—available at the simple press of one button. This time-aware functionality is available in all simulation types: Steady State, Sequential Steady State, Transient Predictive, Transient Online, and Transient Look-Ahead, allowing accurate simulations of both past history and predicted flow.

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