Pipeline Simulation and Integration Application

As a highly sophisticated gas pipeline simulation and integration application, FlowDesk, contains extensive optimization and analysis modules to offer solutions for a broad list of needs. These modules can be used to automate and integrate tasks performed by all areas of a company including Marketing, Scheduling, Planning and Operations. Increasing the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness leads towards larger profits and enhanced revenues.

FlowDesk streamlines and automates the entire simulation process of going from initial nominations to a working pipeline in a timely manner. FlowDesk is not just simulation software, or a project organizer, but also an intuitive and easy to use application development tool. It assists in running a business with a ‘big picture’ perspective while streamlining the department tasks into a single solution.



FlowDesk contains built in simulation run engines, which are some of the best in the simulation industry. Also included are elaborate operational tools that can be used by Gas Control and Planning Personnel. FlowDesk also can be used as a stand alone off the shelf pipeline simulator, or you can connect the simulation tools to Marketing data, SCADA, GIS, Nominations, and many other data sources. Automation and optimization tools can help run your business and operate a pipeline in a more reliable, efficient, and cost effective manner. Multi Scenario Runs are possible and FlowDesk automatically tries out all possible operation scenarios when making simulation runs. This helps quickly and automatically find the operation that is best suited for a given load condition.

The simulation run engines are integrated with the business analysis tools so that detailed and accurate simulations are used as part of the financial analysis routines. Other products available from other companies may not use pipeline simulation, but instead may rely on generic estimates or historical patterns. FlowDesk, on the other hand, uses state of the art technology to ensure that financial predictions are based on the current operational capabilities of the pipeline.



If you were to implement FlowDesk, numerous benefits are clear right from the start. The Capacity Optimization Module consistently identifies and quantifies unused pockets of additional capacity to increase usage of valuable space. By evaluating and pinpointing this unused capacity, it is possible to find out what high priority service contracts are REALLY costing you in terms of lost capacity elsewhere in the system.  There are Cost Optimization Modules that can yield typical savings in fuel cost between 3%-15%. System Cost and Operational Optimization has the capability to perform intelligent, semi exhaustive series of simulation runs in tandem with multiple levels of optimization logic to determine the best possible operations in order to minimize operating costs.

With the optimization of the most important factors of the system, cost capacity and operations, the value in implementing FlowDesk is great. The pay back period for FlowDesk implementation is a few months and in some cases just a few weeks. Created to be flexible and dynamic, future solutions built on top of the module will not become obsolete over time. You have the ability to easily expand and upgrade upon FlowDesk as business rules and pipeline systems change.



Many analysis tools are built into FlowDesk. It has the capability to analyze a range of different important information that can save a company large amounts of time and money.

The Transport Analysis Tool uses the simulation runs to quickly determine the feasibility and cost of specific transports or contracts. Contract and nomination priorities and rankings, along with the simulation, will automatically reduce nominations until they fit within the capacity of the system using the Allocation Analysis Tool. Bottlenecks can be automatically identified, quantified and color coded using the Bottleneck Analysis Tool in FlowDesk.

Whether looking to fill that specific gap or to find a missing piece of your business cycle, Gregg Engineering will find the piece that makes the perfect fit for any company. Providing various solutions for all types of business and engineering requirements, you will be able to select the right piece needed for any particular company.

If you  envision Scheduling, Marketing, Planning and Operations working closely together and using the strengths of each to operate your pipeline and business as profitably as possible, let FlowDesk put the pieces together and make this vision a reality

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