We designed our systems to seamlessly integrate with any GIS environment because companies need to get the most from their IT investment.  We have not only provided companies with the tools to complete this integration, but provided our expertise to our customers to fully accomplish their goal: A hydraulic model built from their GIS system.

If a company has a single repository of data for their company’s facilities, maintenance information, or possibly DOT information – why not use it to build and operate your hydraulic model?  Companies spend considerable resources and revenues on capturing and verifying this information, for it only to be utilized for mapping applications or reporting capabilities.

Our GIS Group can assist you on all aspects, from conception to implementation, of your GIS system as well as tying to your SCADA database.  Your bottom line will improve by utilizing the most current data, and in turn streamline your day to day business to better serve your customers.

The following is a brief listing of the services that we can provide your company:

  • Project Planning
  • GIS Data Preparation
  • Data Conversion
  • Quality Control of Data
  • Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Structure to Meet Your Company Objectives
  • Implementation of the Database
  • Project Management
  • Model Maintenance
  • Developing Work processes to Streamline Applications and Redundancy
  • SCADA Implementation
  • Project Management

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