Sequential modeling simulates a pipeline over time for long term periods such as 5 year or 10 year periods, and uses a series of steady state simulations to calculate time steps since transient simulation for time ranges this large is unnecessary. Sequential is especially useful for planning annual storage injections and withdrawals, or planning new construction for gathering systems that are constantly expanding to connect to new wells. Sequential simulation is typically used to:

  • Design pipeline expansions and help schedule expansion construction over time
  • Compare facility costs with capacities and forecasted revenues over time
  • Plan and analyze scheduling of storage field or storage tank injections and withdrawals
  • Incorporate gas and oil well production into a systemwide pipeline model
    • New wells coming online
    • Old wells being abandoned
    • New lines being built to connect to new wells
    • Well production decline over time for single wells or groups of wells.

All of the interface features described in the Steady State section are available in the Sequential section, however there are some additional time based editors and components. These are identical to those in the Transient sections and are described in more detail in the Transient Predictive section.

Advanced Features available in Sequential

  • Scenario Manager
  • Multi Scenario Runs
  • Automated Multi Scenario Runs
  • Automation Scripts

Advanced Modules available in Sequential

  • Component Tracking
  • Source Tracking
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Well Decline Analysis and Forecasting Module

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