Our suite of Simulation and Business Solutions are a total solution package. These systems have been developed with the end user in mind.  Our developers, engineers and support personnel were former pipeline engineers and our software has been designed and tested by individuals that have been on our customer’s side of the desk.

With training from our staff, the end user can become proficient with our entire suite of products.  However, if your company needs the answer quickly and without the resources available to complete the work, Gregg Engineering’s services can be your solution.

Gregg Engineering’s professional staff will work to provide the complete answer.  Each project is thoroughly detailed by Gregg Engineering and the client to ensure that every detail is addressed.  The following are just a few of the services that we can provide to your company:

  • Operational and Design in both Steady State and Transient Analysis
  • Capacity Studies
  • Pipeline System Evaluation
  • Training of Dispatchers and Engineers
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Model Creation from GIS Systems
  • Model Creation from Paper Maps
  • Tuning of a System Utilizing Our OnLine Technology
  • System Optimization Studies
  • Compressor Station Optimization

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