Pioneers in Pipeline Simulation

Since 1986 Gregg Engineering has been pioneering the field of Hydraulic Pipeline Simulation Modeling for the oil and gas industry and beyond. With a long list of “firsts” which has been growing over the past 30 years as we’ve kept pace with these ever changing industries, you’ll know from the first time that you use one of our products that you are accessing some of the most state-of-the-art technology available on the market.

Whether your task is modeling the complexities involved in building a brand new pipeline network to run at optimal efficiency, expanding an existing one, or conducting ongoing operational analysis for an entire system, you want solutions that allow you to maximize your time performing the task at hand, not distracting you from it with complicated interfaces or difficult to understand functions. Our customers are constantly surprised by how easy our products are to learn and use, they see how powerful our applications are and can’t believe that such sophistication can also be so user friendly. That is because our engineers have actual hands on working knowledge of the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done.

Pipeline Simulation Experts

We offer numerous innovative and high quality simulation, automation, and optimization solutions for your pipeline needs that will help you run your operation more efficiently and realize greater bottom line profitability:

  • Steady State
    • With our Steady State simulation applications you can quickly and accurately model essentially every parameter of simple to complex liquidsteam and natural gaspipeline networks from initial build to complete operation, as well as view the impact that any new design configuration or decisions may have on a system prior to implementation.
  • Sequential Steady State Modeling 
    • Time based simulation where the pipeline is modeled over fairly long periods, ranging anywhere from several days to several years. Useful applications for Sequential Steady State include calculating the decline rates of existing wells, taking into account when new wells and new facilities can be brought online. A summary of the entire simulation can be viewed using our software.
  • Transient Predictive
    • In addition to the actual current conditions of the pipeline, our software is designed to also perform Predictive and Look Ahead analysis as well, offering fast forward views into the potential future of your operations. Such predictions can be invaluable in helping to guide the ongoing daily decisions.
  • Transient On Line
    • An invaluable application for a gas pipeline Transient Model is using it as a means to develop an OnLine System. A Real Time Model for instance, runs concurrently to the actual pipeline system and acts as a sense check to determine if there may be discrepancies along the line, while Look Ahead and Predictive models can give you fast forward views into the future of your operations, taking into account any number of scenarios or external factors.
  • Load Analysis and Forecasting
    • We have developed a suite of applications to help you forecast future gas supplies based on past profiles, ranging from depicting broad, general consumption behavior patterns, to highly detailed usage, right down to the hour. The ability to anticipate peak load requirements will allow you to make more informed supply purchases and operational decisions.
  • Leak Detection
    • Evaluations of pressure and flow readings received from the SCADA system are compared against the same data value calculated by the Real Time Model in the Transient OnLine System. The anomalies are then used to determine if there is a failure, or leak, along the line.
  • System Optimization
    • We offer a wide array of applications to meet the specific needs of optimizing your pipeline network on a day to day or long term basis, be it gas or liquids, for Steady State and Transient analysis in Gathering and Transmission systems, or a large LDC network.
  • Training and Planning
    • We have developed several applications to help you and your staff train and plan for events ranging from a simple disruption to a major catastrophe.
  • Consulting
    • We have some well-rounded knowledge within our organization, which is why we can offer consulting services at a level not found anywhere else.  From on-site training to utilizing our personnel as an extension to your own in house resources, we are able to extend our expertise to customers on a multitude of levels.

Our Customers

Some of the largest pipeline and engineering companies in North America and abroad have adopted Gregg Engineering’s simulators as standard for modeling flow in their Gathering, Transmission and Distribution pipeline networks. But our customer base extends beyond the boundaries of the major pipeline companies and into other industries such as Engineering, Government, Power Plants, Transportation, Industrial Sales, among others.

Who We Are

Gregg Engineering is a privately held company with unmatched service and commitment to customers for over 30 years. Throughout our history we have remained allegiant to our business model of developing simulation software packages for the pipeline industry by utilizing the talents and backgrounds of our team members who continue to develop, design and implement cutting edge technology that stays several steps ahead of our customer’s requests, as well as any competitor offerings.

Please browse through our products and services to get more information on our innovative business solutions and the leading pipeline simulation products that we provide. You can contact us at any time to discover how we can help your business better leverage its resources and become more profitable.

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