The Leader in Pipeline Simulation Since 1986

Behind our state of the art software products is an intrinsic working knowledge gleaned over 30 years in the industry.


Project Management & Planning

Planning, designing, building and optimizing a pipeline system require expertise far beyond day to day operations. Gregg Engineering is the ideal partner for simplifying all aspects of project management and planning.

Hydraulic Simulation

Our developers, engineers and support personnel were former pipeline engineers and our software has been designed and tested by individuals that have been on our customer’s side of the desk.

GIS Management

We designed our systems to seamlessly integrate with any GIS environment because companies need to get the most from their IT investment.  We have not only provided companies with the tools to complete this integration, but provided our expertise to our customers to fully accomplish their goal: A hydraulic model built from their GIS system.

Online Implementation

NextGen OnLine is our Real Time Transient Simulator that operates completely within NextGen. NextGen OnLine synchronizes transient models continuously with the real pipeline operation. The availability of either the current state or any previous archived state allows a user to conduct more realistic predictive studies.

Application Development

We have closely partnered with companies to develop and implement unique and cutting edge technology to better serve our clients.  These solutions have assisted companies to streamline their operations and have been customized to meet their specific needs.

Expert Witness

Our diverse group of expert witnesses is perfectly suited for litigators’ needs of detailed, efficient expert testimony with in-depth background knowledge of pipeline operations. Gregg Engineering can provide valuable consultation and case evaluation in the pre-compliant stages of a case.

Expertise. Experience. Excellence.

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