Unrivaled Pipeline Experience

The Gregg Engineering staff is in a class of its own with over 100 years of combined real-world gas pipeline experience in designing, operating, planning, and modeling several major U.S. gas pipeline systems. Gregg Engineering software is easy to use, flexible, and welcomed by gas pipeline engineers and operators around the globe. Our hands-on experience is only one of the countless reasons your hydraulic simulations should begin and end with Gregg Engineering.

100% Engineers, No Fluff

For more than 30 years and even today, we continue to invest in our products and the services that we provide. Nothing is outsourced and all of our resources are put towards helping and working with our customers.

  • Support is handled by our pipeline engineers.
    • Our engineers are the customer support department.
  • Demos are given by our pipeline engineers.
    • Technical solutions for your specific needs.  No marketing jargon.
  • Software development is performed by pipeline engineers.
    • Software is designed from an engineer’s perspective, rather than a mathematician’s or computer programmer’s idea of what pipeline software should be.

World Class Customer Support Team

Our philosophy is a commitment to customers in a way that goes far beyond just the products we supply. We are dedicated on making a difference in the pipeline industry and on our customers.

Gregg Engineering was the first company in the industry to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year customer support at no cost. If you have an issue, whether its related to software or a general hydraulics question, big or small, we are here for you.

The Most Experienced Software Developers in the Business

Back in 1986, Gregg Engineering developed a cutting edge, first-generation steady state simulator written in Fortran and BASIC.  Over the course of 30 plus  years many things within the oil & gas industry have changed, but one thing has stayed the same.  Gregg Engineering’s development team is still developing cutting edge pipeline software.

Our software development team is comprised of experienced engineers with a mastery of many programming languages.  Furthermore, every employee on Gregg Engineering’s development team has spent their entire career in pipeline simulation.

In addition, unlike other companies in the industry that employ computer scientists and mathematicians for their development, our company’s development team has backgrounds in complex systems engineering, pipeline engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, as well as advanced mathematics and computer science. This results in software that is designed from a pipeline simulation user’s perspective, rather than a mathematician’s or computer programmer’s.

Data Integration Experts

Our data integration team has experience with various formats of data. From the simplest text files to the most complex databases, the data integration team has seen it all. We are experienced in analyzing and validating data objects, as well as identifying the relationship among data objects. The team has also worked closely with other enterprise software vendors for collaborative integrations.

Gregg Engineering’s data integration team has more hands-on experience and knowledge than most companies whose sole purpose is data integration.

A few of our most recent integration projects include…

  • Acquiring and providing SCADA data for simulation via OPC across a company firewall that does not allow OPC communication.


  • Posting simulation data to an SQL Server database to facilitate a web server, which our development team created, then serving the data for business integration.


  • Acquiring hourly nomination data from an Oracle database to use when performing look ahead runs during a real time simulation.
Gregg Engineering - Data Integration

Steady State Company - Stability and Reliability

Our employees are a very intelligent group of pipeline engineers and professionals that enjoy what we do and enjoy working with our clients. We are in this business because we love what we do. In fact, the company employee base is highly stable. In an age where employees change jobs on average every four years, our company employees are routinely celebrating ten- and twenty-year anniversaries. If you work with one of our employees, chances are you will be working with them again for many, many years.

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