Excel Import/Export

Excel spreadsheets can be used to import data into NextGen, as well as create entire NextGen models from scratch. The standard Excel Import/Export feature can be accessed from the toolbar in the Reports.

Each worksheet in Excel can be used to represent a Table type such as Nodes, Pipes, or Valves, and each row in the worksheet represents a record such as a node, a pipe, etc.

Column headers simply need to be named using the same terminology found in the NextGen interface, such as Pressure or InFlow, and the Excel import feature will be able to import the data seamlessly on demand.

Data can be exported out to Excel in much the same manner, as a matter of fact the easiest way to create a spreadsheet for Import that has all of the correct column headers and naming conventions is to first perform an Excel Export, then use the created spreadsheet as a base to create the Import spreadsheet.

Data can be either steady state or time based data for transient or Sequential runs.

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