NextGen OnLine is our Real Time Transient Simulator that operates completely within NextGen. NextGen OnLine synchronizes transient models continuously with the real pipeline operation. The availability of either the current state or any previous archived state allows a user to conduct more realistic predictive studies. Through NextGen OnLine, you will have the ability to launch automatic look-aheads, have up to the minute accurately tuned models, or analyze past operating scenarios.

NextGen OnLine can be coupled with closed-loop control logic to maximize many operational objectives. While this Module is executing, the user can graphically view the results from one of the many built-in graphic routines or from the built-in Display Text Window.

This module can not only give you up to the minute accuracy but provide a forum for your company to reduce operating expenses while still maintaining your current delivery requirements.

NextGen OnLine Applications:

  • Real Time Pipeline Modeling
  • Accurate and Timely Predictive or Look-Ahead Analysis
  • Daily Operating Planning
  • Short Term Capacity Analysis
  • Incremental Cost Analysis
  • Accurate Line Pack and State Information in Real Time
  • Profile of Gas Composition Along the Pipeline
  • Accurate Pipeline Volume and Energy Balance Information in Real-Time
  • Efficient Day-to-Day Operations
  • Efficient Expansion Design of Network Systems
  • Perform Survival Time Analysis
  • Minimize Compressor Fuel Usage
  • Blow-Downs Calculations
  • Gas Lost Calculations
  • Impact of Equipment Outages
  • Leak or Rupture Detection
  • Training Tool for Dispatchers and Engineers

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