Solve Transmission, Gathering, or Distribution Network Systems

Created with a “real world” approach, WinFlow acts and reacts as a pipeline would in day to day life. It quickly and accurately calculates the balanced steady state pressure-flow relationship for simple to complex piping networks using a sophisticated proprietary solution method.

Due to WinFlow’s exceptional speed, it easily solves transmission, gathering, or distribution network systems. Users are capable of simulating every aspect of their system with this application. Many things can be handled by WinFlow’s features and functionality.


  • Optimal Day-to-Day Operational Studies
  • Impact of Equipment Outages
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Short and Long Range Planning
  • Determination of System Design/Operating Capacity
  • Efficient Design Applications (pipe networks, regulator stations, compressor stations, etc.)
  • Color-Coded System Schematics
  • Analysis of Gases with Varying Heating Values

Results of the network system can be viewed interactively as the calculations are converging. This gives your company an important area of opportunity to identify any potential problems before the run is fully completed.  The identification of problems early on will save a company time and money in the long run and increase the value of effort put forth in a situation.

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