Advances in technology, such as the software solutions which Gregg Engineering develops, has made the pipeline modeling process much more efficient, faster and far more accurate than anything else available on the market. What’s more, we have designed all of our software to integrate effortlessly with the rest of your business processes by just as easily importing data in, as it does exporting data back out again. We know that it is not sufficient to use simulation technology to just model pipelines, but rather to use it in conjunction with integration and automation tools to help solve business problems on multiple levels. This type of intel is critically important for a company to remain competitive and profitable.

Our applications can model every phase of the pipeline with unmatched functionalities and speed not found in any other hydraulic modelling software. Whats more, we supply you with the tools that you will need to address the unique challenges that each system presents, from the ever changing dynamics of a Gathering system, to the long distances and variables of a Transmission system, as well as the fluctuating demands on an LDC.