Accurate gas load forecasting is an essential practice for increasing revenue and meeting the needs of your pipeline customers.

  • Can your pipeline handle the increased demand resulting from a record breaking cold holiday?
  • What is the optimal day of the week and time of the day to schedule much needed maintenance on a pipeline?
  • Do you need to determine a true forecast of your pipeline system supply?
  • Do you have access to historical data for your pipeline network?

LoadForecaster is an application that Gregg Engineering has developed to give gas utility, LDCs and pipeline company operators the ability to forecast potential demands on their gas pipeline systems based on historical consumption data such as weather, day of the week, holidays, or essentially any type of statistical information. The ability to anticipate peak load requirements will not only allow you to make more informed supply purchases and operational decisions, but also schedule maintenance or expansion projects when they will have the lowest impact on profitability.

So how does all of this work? Behind the scenes is a sophisticated internal forecasting engine that employs a combination of neural networks, regression and genetic algorithms to statistically learn your data. These functions also takes advantage of multiprocessor core technology to reduce “training” times from days to minutes.

And as far as compatibility is concerned, LoadForecaster can function as a standalone application or fully integrate with NextGen. So regardless of the software that you may currently be using for your hydraulic simulation modeling, you can now reliably and accurately forecast future short, medium and long term loading in your system.

So with a little info from the past coupled with advanced technology, you can increase revenues and be better prepared to meet the demands of your pipeline customers with this gas load forecasting application from Gregg Engineering.

Download the LoadForecaster Brochure

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Interested in putting the power of LoadForecaster to work in your environment? Download free information on this innovative tool.

LoadForecaster will enable you to:

  • Calculate a “forecast” of demand in order to maximize revenue by utilizing historical data to predict future values.
  • Use virtually any historical parameter to calculate future predictions.
  • Perform analyses to account for a multitude of transient conditional changes in the supply and demand of a pipeline system.
  • Perform short, medium and long term forecasting.
  • Access forecast data simultaneously from multiple secure log-ins.

The Methodology

Using high tech and state-of-the-art Neural Networks (artificial intelligence), Regression and Genetic Algorithms, LoadForecaster performs a constant analysis to account for a multitude of transient conditional changes in the supply and demand of a pipeline system. Which means, by utilizing Neural Networks, LoadForecaster will get even smarter (and more accurate) as time goes by for predicting pipeline loads.

LoadForecaster Features

  • Fully customizable to display important locations.
  • Displays both the location data and the upcoming weather simultaneously.
  • Automated forecasting with latest results.
  • Dashboard Interface.
  • Fully customizable per location.
  • Results are calculated on demand.
  • Reports are automatically triggered each time new data is received.
  • Multiple users can access the data simultaneously.
  • Training configurations allow for locations to be grouped based on similar variable influences.
  • Group locations that are dependent on one another into logical points.

Import/Export Options:

  • Automated
  • Data Driver
  • Manual
  • Data Integrator
  • Excel, ASCII, Database, Custom Choice