As part of our commitment to providing you with the most state-of-the-art pipeline simulation tools available on the market, we are excited to announce an updated version of NextGen.  We encourage you to install this version to take advantage of the latest innovative features designed to help you run your operation more efficiently and realize greater bottom line profitability.

Exciting New Features!

Run Engine Enhancements

  • Fast Transient Speed Option for 3x Faster Transient Runs
  • Sub One Second Calculations for Liquid Transient water hammer and slack flow simulations
  • New Liquid Viscosity Enhancements

Map Enhancements

  • Quick Loop Leg Feature added to all looping of single elements or entire regions with one click
  • Orthogonal Lines Feature allows you to draw straight lines simply by holding shift while drawing
  • Angle Measuring Tool added allowing you to measure the angle anywhere on the map
  • Flow Arrows enhanced to better show arrows on legs with graphical nodes when zoomed out
  • Map Text Enhancements
    • Users can now choose to have no data objects displayed as long as they have the display record name option turned on
    • Add Text Mode will now update selected text if it already exists

Timeline Breakpoints

Hydraulic Gradient Graphs

Multi-Scenario Time Based Trend Export

And Many More!

  • A new run button color was added for solutions states that are solved but have warnings
  • Reports import is enhanced to auto fix “InFlow Type” issues
  • A new feature is included that allows you to copy results to set point and/or field data with a single click
  • The roaming, my documents, and temporary storage directories are now all user configurable
  • Shape Import is now faster and even more stable