We want to help those of you working remotely in any way possible

We understand that due to the extraordinary circumstances in which we all find ourselves in due to COVID-19, many of you are now working from home.  In some cases, it has been difficult to access your simulation software due to not having connectivity to the protection key, either because you do not have a copy at home, or the ones that remain in the office are not network versions, and cannot be accessed remotely over the internet.

In order to alleviate this issue, and ensure that our clients needing to operate the software from a remote location are able to run the simulation systems on a 24-hour/7-day/week basis if they have internet availability, we have set up and implemented a special Server at our offices that would allow you to obtain remote licensing permission from your own remote computer.

Remote Access to WinFlow / WinTran / NextGen & Other Assistance

  1. WinFlow/WinTran/NextGen residing on your personal computer
    1. if you do not already have a copy of the software installed on your computer, we can assist you with loading the necessary version(s) of the program onto your PC;
    2. written instructions would be provided for accessing the Gregg Engineering Server Key;
    3. special “control codes” would be sent so that the required license permissions are obtained directly from our Server Key;
    4.  all your data files/models would reside on your own computer, so there is no danger of your data being accessed by someone other than you;
    5. Gregg Engineering is providing this service free of charge with your existing license.


  1. Direct Modeling Assistance by Gregg Engineering’s in-house staff
    1. if you cannot install the software on your personal computer, but are in need of performing a prompt critical analysis that cannot wait, we would assist with such study, free of charge;
    2. if you require certain studies to be performed, including building models, on an ongoing basis, but are unable to do so for some reason, Gregg Engineering would be willing and prepared to perform such work at a discounted rate to cover our own cost.

We understand that all of us are living in an uncertain world today, but especially during these difficult times, we want to do our part, even if it’s very small, to promote fairness and goodwill towards all.

Thank you for being a valued client, stay safe.